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April 14, 2018
UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
$5 for students/$10 for non-students

Registration includes access to all IRIS research sessions, workshops, and professional development opportunities as well as light breakfast, coffee, snacks, plated lunch, and a complimentary professional headshot by a studio photographer. 

Mike McHargue
NAGPS Southeast 17

The UGA Graduate-Professional Student Association is proud to announce IRIS 2018, a unique and exciting opportunity for students and other researchers from throughout the UGA community. 

This initiative’s focus on community-building, cross-pollination of ideas, transferrable skills, and service will:

  • Provide an excellent opportunity to enhance research communication skills and present research to an interdisciplinary audience. 
  • Expose students to cutting-edge scholarship, industry professionals, and rich professional development opportunities.
  • Help attendees refine the content and language of their C.V.'s and resumés through career workshops. 
  • Encourage shared scholarship, research, and service.
  • Equip attendees with new knowledge and skills which can strengthen teaching, learning, and career outcomes. 
  • Empower attendees to translate skills and research interests into career competencies. 

Year-to-Year Growth in Number of Presentations

IRIS has transformed the GPSA interdisciplinary research programming initiative into a marquis event in just 2 years.