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April 14, 2018

Mike McHargue
NAGPS Southeast 17

The UGA Graduate-Professional Student Association is proud to announce IRIS 2018, an exciting, one-of-a-kind opportunity for students, faculty, and research professionals from UGA and throughout the southeast region.

This initiative’s focus on community-building, cross-pollination of ideas, transferrable skills, and service will demonstrate our university's and our region's enduring commitment to a rich culture of scholarship, leadership, service, inclusion, and innovation by:

  • Providing an excellent opportunity to present research.
  • Encouraging shared scholarship, research, and service interests to surface in the form of interdisciplinary teams and grant co-application - a fission-fusion approach to idea incubation which greatly enhances prospects for external funding and field application. (see Harvard study)
  • Exposing attendees to resources which can strengthen teaching, learning, and career outcomes. Professional development opportunities from outstanding partners will stress the essential soft skills and competencies needed to achieve success in today’s demanding workplaces.
  • Empowering attendees to translate skills, competencies, and research interests into impactful service and effective leadership through unique workshops, outreach, and networking opportunities.
  • Giving a peerless culminating opportunity to middle and high school students enrolled in the ASPIRE STEM Outreach Program - a rare occasion for bright, young students to be under the same roof as the undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and professionals they aspire to be.

Year-to-Year Growth in Number of Presentations

IRIS has transformed the GPSA interdisciplinary research programming initiative into a marquis event in just 2 years.